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Anon. vs. Scientology Revisited: Fair Game Part One

So I was cruising around Enturbulation and Non-Violent Uprising looking for more info on the local instance of Operation Reconnect, when I came across a case of Church of Scientology harassment of an Anonymous member.

Since Anonymous is set on doing everything within the bounds of the law, they have somebody at each site obtaining permits for the protests. That means at least once person has to reveal his identity and open himself to harassment by CoS. In the case of Boston, Gregg, the brave guy who sacrificed his Anonymity for the good of the cause has, in fact, been on the receiving end of legal harassment by CoS in the form of a stack of complaints filed against him. Most of them apparently aren’t sticking, but he did receive an actual summons for charges of trespass and harassment for flyering activities.

From everything I’ve read, this doesn’t actually mean anything yet. The summons is for a hearing to determine whether CoS has standing to actually take the case to court. It probably won’t get that far, but then that was never the point, was it? The point was to intimidate Gregg and through him anyone else who considers speaking out against CoS.

As with the hypocritical actions of the Expelled jokers, the attempts of the Church of Scientology to legally intimidate one of their critics goes a long way to prove the criticisms correct. You can bet the Church of England isn’t too happy about Richard Dawkins, but have they tried to sue him or press harassment charges against him? That’s simply not what legitimate organisations do. It is, however, exactly what charlatans and frauds do when people dare to expose their bullshit for what it is.

  • Greg

    A summons against trespassing is not “fair game” – it’s a lawful way to keep these guys from harrassing our Church members.

    You think Anonymous is so cool?
    You try to go to YOUR Church through a group of nasty picketers yelling obscenities at you.

    Scientologist and proud of it

  • Joshua

    If you looked at my blog for more than five seconds, you’d know that I don’t go to church.

    But if I went to a “church” that exploits its members, cuts them off from their families, prevents them from getting help for their psychological problems, and empties their bank accounts to enrich the top tier members, I’d be bloody glad if somebody warned me about it. Probably not right away. Probably I’d be mad about it at first, because nobody enjoys hearing that they’re throwing their lives away, but in time, when I came to realise that those “nasty picketers” were telling the truth, I’d be glad that they cared enough to try to help me.

    As for “yelling obscenities”, yeah, I’m not a big fan of the rick-rolling either.

  • PalMD

    Um, Greg, remember this is the U.S….it’s our right to assemble and yell at you as you go to church.

    It’s your right to do the same to me.

    As long as it doesn’t cross the line into intimidation.

    Hmmm….I wonder who’s guilty of that?

  • Bubbly

    Greg — I picketed both times, and not a single person said an obscenity while I was there. (Well, not in more than an undertone to another person — lots of people have “potty mouths” but weren’t shouting anything or saying mean things about Scientologists!) Seriously.

    Come out & talk to us on April 12th. We’ll be there proesting the “disconnection” policy, and how it’s applied not to benefit members, but to isolate them. We wish you nothing but happiness, freedom, and a right to be heard — please allow us the same.

    Talk to us. Are you allowed to? Really. There’s no danger whatsoever, no hatred, no bigotry. We’re regular people who have some legitimate concerns, backed up by court filings and the testimony of hundreds of former Scientologists. Maybe you can help address these issues, as someone who belongs to the Church of Scientology.

    We’ve all GOT to have some common ground, some shared sense of how people should be treated. Let’s find it, and find a way to improve conditions. That’s what you’re all about, right? Well, us too!

    No one cares what you personally believe, but we protest what the “management” is doing to people in your name.

    If my church were harassing people, hurting people, and doing illegal stuff, I’d want to know about it, and would certainly stop them from doing it in MY name, while counting ME as a member. I’d be happy to talk to someone about it, if my church were keeping it from me.

    April 12th, 11 am most places — we’ll be there, and we’re very nice. Try us!

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